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Penetration Testing

Due to everlasting growth in cyber security threats, it is very important to know your organization's information security risks and vulnerabilities, and the best way is doing so by conducting penetration tests to the organization's systems and infrastructures.

Penetration tests aim to identify and map information security risks already existing within the organization.

These tests are able to be made using the following methods:

  • White Box – The organization provides all the information needed to the tester in order to reduce test duration and attack vectors.
  • Gray Box – Only relevant and designated information is given to the testers in order to reduce intelligence and research times needed to gather the information.
  • Black Box – No information is provided by the organization and the testers gather all the necessary information to perform the tests. From intelligence and spoofing to creation of attack vectors relevant only to the organization. This is the ultimate test which gives the most realistic point of view, but this method takes more time than the other two.

Penetration tests help the organization identify and map critical risks, such as damage to the reputation of the organization or its intellectual properties, denial of service, data loss, etc.

A report including detailed findings and evidence (such as screen shots, logs or raw data) as well as relevant suggestions for solutions (both technological and non-technological) will be sent to the customer after penetration testing is completed.


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