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We are building Information Security

Shtein Solutions provides information security consulting services such as penetration testing, risk assessment, code review, application architecture, infrastructure consulting and incident investigation.

Shtein Solutions is a small and efficient company providing professional services at fair prices.

Shtein Solutions was founded in 2010 to provide services in the field of information security. The company was founded by Igor Stein.

Igor Shtein

Igor Shtein is an information security specialist with 15 years of experience attack vector (Penetration Tests) and in the field of application security. Igor has conducted audits and made recommendations to ensure optimal data protection in the following industries: banks, financial organizations, credit and payment organizations, government agencies, logistics companies, and high-tech companies.

Igor worked for almost 10 years at Bank of Jerusalem, where, with his help, experience, knowledge and drive, they built a respectable security system. Igor’s area of responsibility included the following topics:

  • Drawing up information security requirements for projects, and for the organization as a whole
  • Drawing up and implementation of an year round testing plan for the detection of hacking of internal systems and infrastructure of the bank
  • Conducting pentests, audits, trainings and lectures on information security
  • Managing and training a team of pentesters
  • Determining the risk of found vulnerabilities
  • Consulting the SOC department on identifying attacks carried out during the pen tests
  • Consulting the development department on defensive programming
  • Consulting the infrastructure department on improving security (Infrastructure Hardening)
  • Identification of information security errors at the planning stage of new banking solutions
  • Solving information security problems in application development

Our Mission

Improve your business's cybersecurity so you can rest easy. True, for this we will have to work hard at the beginning.
Based on our experience and knowledge, we approach solving security problems from a practical point of view, knowing in advance where to look for problems and how to solve them.

Our Vision

Surprisingly, our vision of improving information security comes from the other side of the coin. Namely, we look at the organization from a criminal point of view, trying to find vulnerabilities in technological and business processes.

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Since 2010, we have done a lot of work. This includes penetration tests and security audits, risk management, incident investigations, as well as consultations and solution design.


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